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Towards Kedarnath - Chardham Yatra

Towards Kedarnath

The night spent at Uttarkashi was horrendous. Even though the hotel room at Ujeli just before Uttarkashi was well furnished but the heat was unbearable and the room fan could do little to help the cause. It was 8th of June, 2007 and when we returned back to Delhi later we came to know that probably thatwas the hottest in Delhi too during the present summers'. The effect was felt in far away Uttarkashi too, despite the fact the the hotel room was overlooking the Bhagirathi river. Despite all this, we being exhausted managed some sleep during the night. Early in the morning we started for Kedarnath and choose the Lambgaon route which is shorter. Having started early in the morning and the tract being scantily used, the route was not only picturesque but we also encountered jungle pheasant foraging for food & water just next to the road. Further, as we continued our descent through the hills having passed Lambgaon, before reaching Ghansali we crossed the newly constructed bridge across Tehri dam reservoir -
Bridge across Tehri Dam -
The road we took is scantily used as the bridge design only permits light vehicles to pass through. After reaching Ghansali, which is a very congested bazar and important transit point of the area and having overcome a short traffic jam due to visit by local MLA, we again proceeded onwards for journey to Gaurikund. After negotiating some really tortorously bending roads we proceeded upto Tilwara, whereafter the road became somewhat even and straighted out. Having stopped at Tilwara for some light refreshments, we again commenced with our journey forGaurikund enroute to Kedarnath. The next stop-over for us was at a very short distance from Tilwara, at a place called Agasth Muni. From this point the helicopter services are available for Kedarnath and round trip costs around Rs.8,000/- per head -
Helicopter at Agasth Muni
Having gone past Agasth muni, the road after a stretch of around 15 Kms. again started its upward climb although the curves were not that steep in this stretch. After passing through Kund, just ahead of Son Prayag we got stuck up in a massive traffice jam. We were informed that this was normal as the downwards bound traffic from Gaurikund is passed in batches and only after space becomes available at Gaurikund for parking of vehicles that the vehicles are allowed to proceed towards Gaurikund in batches. The road also bifurcates for Trijuginaryan from Son Prayag which is at the confluence of Mandakini (also called Kedar Ganga by some) and Vasukhi Ganga
View of Son Prayag - Mandakini flowing over the rocky outcrop forthingand Vasukhi Ganga flowing steadily below -
Although the distance between Son Prayag to Gaurikund is hardly 3 Kms. yet the distance was covered in one & half hours due to the intense rush of traffic. Vehicles are not allowed to stop at Gaurikund but allowed only to disembark passengers and then move down alomost half a kilometer for parking. Gaurikund is a really congest bazar at an altitude of almost 2000 meters. However, the GMVN hotel/rest house which is perched high on a hill side appears very distant to a fatigued traveller but on hindsight it is well placed away from the hustle & bustle of the bazar below and provides for prisitine fresh mountain air. We decided to rest there for the night for onward journey to Kedarnath the next morning.
At GMVN hotel in Gaurikund -

To watch video of Guarikund kindly click on this link - 

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