Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kasauli - during monsoons

Many moods of Kasauli - during monsoons
I have already narrated my afinity with Kasauli in my earlier blog titled 'Kasauli - the quiestes hill station' as my first blog on 20th April, 2007. Therein I had written that views from Kasauli during monsoons is something etheral. I had visited Kasauli again during last week of June, 2007 for some personal work and took the opportunity to capture a few alluring moments in my digital camera. For those who have not read my earlier blog, Kasauli is situated in District Solan in Himachal Pradesh and is a prisitine hill station. It is at an average heigt of 6000 odd feet and about 325 Kms. from Delhi by road. The other means of reaching are detailed in my earlier blog referred to hereinabove. The most distinctive feature of Kasauli is that being the first hill ranges after the plains of Haryana & Punjab if offers unbridled view of the plains on one side as against the Shimla hills & beyond on other side. Hills adopt different moods during different seasons of the year, I invite you to soak in the spirit of the mountains during monsoons -
Hills shrouded in clouds -
Wandering clouds -
Clouds drifting through valley below -
Clouds enveloping -
Imposing TV tower of Kasauli against backdrop of clouds -
Tufts of clouds drifting across the plains below -
Another view of the clouds drifting over the plains below -
Drifting smoke or is it clouds?
Pink lillies in bloom - natures' paintbrush
This shrub is called 'Guldasta' because of the shape of its flowers -
Sparkling like diamonds - raindrops on pine leaves -
Green ferns abound during monsoons - like green carpet over hill side
Green rose - another of monsoon specialties in Kasauli
Rain clouds looming large over valley below -
Kasauli panorama - I (watch the TV tower as a point of reference)
Kasauli Panaroma - II (watch Monkey point - distinct hill top at far left end of the picture)
Hope you enjoy this visual treat.
Here is a link to the video - 

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