Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kasauli - a unique hill station

View of Shimla Hills from Lower mall, Kasauli

My association with Kasauli & its location - I was born in Kasauli, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh and have had my initial schooling there. However, this quaint hill station has a unique quality which is unmatched. For those interestedin visiting Kasauli, you can either travel by train to Kalka via Delhi or directly if available and thereafter proceed upto Dharampur by Kalka-Shimlatrains which leave at short intervals from Kalka. Else you can travel by Car/Taxi or Bus which are available from Delhi, Chandigarh & Kalka. Kasauli is around 300 Kms from Delhi (around 6 hours drive), 65 Kms. from Chandigarh (2.5 hoursdrive) and 32 Kms. from Kalka (1.15 Hours drive) by road. You can visit Shimla from Kasauli which is another 77 Kms. by road (2.5 Hours drive).
Brief history of Kasauli -It was developed as a British Cantonment in 1842 and the sign board at Kasauli Military Hospital reflects this date. The Cantonment status of this place still exists. It is also known for two other important Instituions one being the Pastuer Institute founded in 1900 by Dr. David Semple, now known as the Central Research Institute which has been the source of various vaccinations like Rabies, Snake bite anti-venom, Yellow fever etc. The second Institution which is now closed and building taken over by the Central Research Institutte was the ernstwhile Lady Linithgow Sanatorium which was the premier Institution for treating tuberculosis during its heydays and many leading luminaries have been treated here and my father late Sh. J.N. Roy Biswas had served this Institution with utmost dedication towards his profession.
View from Upper Mall, Kasauli

Mythological importance of Kasauli - It is believed that Lord Hanuman while looking for the 'Sanjeevani booti/herb' had rested one of his foot atop Monkey Point and the top of this mountian is shaped like a human foot and a temple was erected their in early 1970's when a shila was discovered after numerous accidents which took place during construction of Air Force Station in the area. Notably no accidents took place after installation of the shilain the temple atop this mountain. The climb to this place is arduous and no photography is permitted in its vicinity.
Places to see - Kasauli is a quaint little hill station at around 1900mtrs. from mean sea level. It is also known as the quitest hill station, as it isdevoid of usual hustle & bustle associated with other hills stations, except onweekends now a days. There are three main areas where you can loiter around - Lower mall, Upper mall & main Bazar. Lower mall provides with excellent view of the Shimla hills & valley below. It is advisable to make a trip after sun-set as during clear nights Shimla & other small townships/villages sparkle as small shining stars & the viewis exhilarating. The upper mall during early morning & after monsoons offer tremondous view of Shimla hills (Lawrence School) etc. on one side and the plains on the other. This is another must visit spot at night as the view of plains with all the townships glowing (including Chandigarh & at times Ambala) as tiny bulbs offers a stupendous & memorable expereince. And last but not the least the Kasauli Bazar although small, with its small sprinkling of Tibetian merchants have lots of memorabilia to offer. Must try the local delicacy of the young called 'Bun Samosa/Tikki' available at local sweetmeat shops.
Inside Kasauli Church

Places to stay - Hotel Roscommon (Maintained by HPTDC - very good), Hotel Alasia (Very good), Hotel Maurice (So so). Apart from these Hotels there are some small guest houses also which operate in the area.
Have a enjoyable weekend at Kasauli

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