Saturday, December 24, 2011

A short visit to Bengaluru

The city of Bangalore now called 'Bengaluru' has a long history to boast of. The city has been centre of political activity in the past as it is now and is also called as 'City of Gardens', 'City of Pensioners' and 'Silicon Valley of India'. However, the present name of the city i.e. Bangaluru has an interesting anecdote associated with it which goes that King Vira Bhalla of theHoysala dynasty once got lost during a hunting expedition and famished by hunger & thirst he chanced upon a hut of a old woman who offered him boiled beans and he named the city as Benda Kaal Ooru (Town of boiled beans) which with passage of time got shortened as Bengaluru. However, there is no historical proof of this but only an anecdote. But this city has established historical inscription dating back to 890 A.D wherein reference to a place called Bangaluru can be seen. Going back in time line some iron age excavations have been made from around Bengaluru as also the discovery of Roman coins in the area establishing the fact that it was an important trading centre in the past. The place has been ruled by several rulers in the past but the reign of Tipu sultan during 18th Centrury is worth mentioning and the city has some interesting remnants of his period -
Tipu's Palace in Bengaluru
Carved dooryway in Tipus' Palace
Tipus' Arsenal (Rockets)
Apart from Tipu's palace & fort there is no other historical monument within the city limits. However, the city boasts of number of gardens & lakes details of which can be viewed .The city is very neat and clean with a pleasant climate and glitters by night in every respect.
Bengaluru night sight

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