Saturday, May 20, 2017

Himalayan ranges from Badan Khet of Timila village (A photo blog)

Himalayan ranges from Badan Khet of Timila village
(A photo blog)
Sunrise as viewed from Badan Khet, Village Timila
         After having visited my pad in the month of January, when I had visited Padampuri & Sitlakhet also and as narrated in my earlier blogs, I had some work and had to visit my pad in Bdan Khet of Timila Village in March, 2017.  The day we reached the place, I found that it was all cloudy and covered with no view of the Himalayas.  But I also did not get time to explore much as I was busy with other chores.  However, during the ensuing days, I not only got some good views, but was able to stitch a panorama of the Himalayan ranges visible from the village.

            I have described the geographical location of this little village in my earlier blogs in detail, but for the benefit of the new viewers I am describing it again.  It is situated on a ridge on the State highway running from Ramnagar (Corbett National Park) to Ranikhet and in between Bhatrauch Khan and Tarikhet, just about 3 Kms. before reaching Tarikhet, while coming from Ramnagar side and is about 14 Kms. from Ranikhet Market.  Placed on a spur of a mountain ridge, the entire valley is open as far as eyes can see and was once the fruit basket of the region, with Apples growing in the region.  But with the climate turning warmer and migration of the people from villages, now hardly any apples grow here, but it is resplendent with Plums, Apricots etc. during the fruiting season.  The scenic beauty of the destination is sublime and as I was unable to find much data about the pictographic description of the peaks that are visible from here, I did some research and am presenting my take on the mountain peaks in the photographs that I am posting in this blog –
The Chaukhamba peaks panorama

The Gangotri peaks panorama
The Hathi & Ghoda peaks panorama
Some unidentified peaks panorama
The Kedar peaks panorama
The Trishul & Nanda Devi peaks
In case any of my readers/viewers have a different opinion about the peaks they are free to post in the comments to correct me.


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